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Don’t ever let your friends ditch you… unless they have deoderant!


"I don’t remember half of the things I say!"


To Start the Year Off Right

"I promise you can make it through this, don’t let it define you" 

-Anthony (January 21, 2013)

A Revamp of the Things Anthony Says!

Hey guys and gals, I would like to take this occasion to say that I’m changing how I’m going to run Things Anthony Says. Since I don’t have any classes with Anthony this year, and only get the chance to talk to him occasionally, I don’t really have any source material! I know I haven’t posted any of Anthony’s words of wisdom/encouragement/confusion in over a semester, I would like to change that!

So, I am opening the ask box on the blog to any and all submissions that you may have for what you hear around campus from the mouth of our titular character. Feel free to submit anything, and I’ll make sure it gets out there! 

Can you seduce someone with knowledge?
I’m as subtle as a monster truck rally.
So, when I was young, I had a sandbox. Years later, I went back to it and there was a black widow in there, so we captured it and put it in a jar.
It died.
Connected to that last one…

Connected to that last one…

I was raised by Spongebob. I think Spongebob was more of a father to me than my own father.
First Quote of fourth quarter.
Mustaches are a national sign of intelligence.